The Avenue Lofts | Pearl District | Portland, Oregon 97209

The Avenue Lofts, nestled at 1400 NW Irving St. and prominently positioned along the bustling Irving St., distinguish themselves as an iconic landmark in Portland's urban landscape. This remarkable structure, with its historical roots dating back to 1923, was originally conceived as a warehouse for the renowned Meier & Frank department store, a testament to the city's industrial past.

Standing proudly at 7 stories high, the Avenue Lofts have undergone a meticulous transformation, evolving into a residential haven comprising 195 classic lofts. The conversion from a warehouse to a loft space was masterfully executed in 2004 by the visionary developer Robert Ball. His commitment to preserving the building's historical integrity while infusing it with modern luxury amenities has resulted in a unique fusion of past and present.

The architectural character of the lofts pays homage to the building's industrial heritage, featuring expansive open spaces adorned with concrete columns that echo the warehouse aesthetic. This design choice not only adds a touch of authenticity but also provides residents with a distinctive living experience characterized by a blend of historical charm and contemporary elegance.

One notable feature of the Avenue Lofts is the closed pedestrian walkway facing Irving St., offering residents a serene escape from the urban hustle while maintaining a connection to the vibrant neighborhood. Additionally, the convenience of secured underground parking adds a layer of comfort and security to residents' daily lives.

Whether basking in the sunlight streaming through large windows, appreciating the spacious layouts, or enjoying the seamless integration of historic elements with modern conveniences, residents of the Avenue Lofts are immersed in a distinctive urban lifestyle. This living space stands as a testament to Portland's ability to seamlessly blend its rich industrial history with the demands of contemporary living, creating a unique and inviting environment for those fortunate enough to call it home.

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