Seven tips to prepare for spring sale

Seven tips to prepare for spring sale

Prioritizing personal circumstances is one of the best ways to determine when to sell a property.

Despite high prices being recorded in many locations, plenty of homeowners have held on tightly since mid-2023 in order to avoid the 22-year high interest rates of 7% to 8%.

But, with mortgage costs forecast to fall during the next 12 months, it could be an excellent time to start preparing your home for an early-spring sale.

These tasks will help present your property in pristine condition to potential buyers.

It's not personal

Stow away your personal photos and favorite knick-knacks. It will make your home easier to keep clean. More importantly, buyers will be able to visualize living in your home rather than feeling like they're a visitor.

Declutter like crazy

It's incredible how open your home will feel with a clean-out. Be brutal with items that you've accumulated but never use. Double down on storage areas. They should be no more than half-full. If they overflow, they'll give the impression of being inadequate.

Deep Clean

Put cash aside to employ a professional cleaner just days before your sales campaign begins. Alternatively, you'll need to dust, vacuum and mop. Do it in that order and work your way from ceiling to floor. Don't forget the light fixtures and baseboards.

Get it fixed

Small problems can lead to big negotiations when prospective buyers seek a discount because of maintenance issues. Avoid this scenario by getting problems fixed.

Curb cool

For spring sales, the weather will warm up, and folks will pay more attention to the garden. Focus on the front, giving the buyer an excellent first impression of your home. Consider a little landscaping, mulch the flowerbeds and keep the lawn tidy. A worthwhile investment may be to repaint the exterior.

Let there be light

You won't need any money to dramatically improve your home by maximizing the natural light. Pull back curtains and move any furniture from in front of windows.

Interior elegance

Embrace spring by buying some cut flowers. Place them in the living areas and give your buyer a splash of seasonal color.

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