Six crazy trends taking hold at home

Six crazy trends taking hold at home

It's always fun to see what the hottest home trends will be for the year, even if they won't suit your property.

Website Zillow has highlighted six of the zaniest trends in interior and exterior home design, most of which are suitable for the luxury end of the market.

However, super-luxe trends can cascade down through the market, adding value to your property.

The folks at Zillow asked a research team to analyze 300 design features and home styles cited in listings content to pick up six trends for 2024.


This is undoubtedly best suited to the luxury market. This style of design, which features stark cement walls and stunning tiled floors, increased in popularity by more than four times in 2023. The mix of cement, stone, wood, iron and brass throughout the home can be stunning with suitable interior and exterior tropical plants.

Garden sense

An exciting idea for any home, a sensory garden is about harvesting nature's calming aura and aromas. The gentle splash of a fountain or stream adds to the effect and is a fantastic way to connect with nature. Zillow says this trend for sensory gardens tripled in 2023 and will accelerate further. You can do this in even the smallest garden or courtyard.

Cold plunge pools

Health and wellbeing is pushing aside the staple hot tub. A cold plunge pool is perfect for fitness fanatics as it reduces muscle soreness and accelerates recovery after a workout. And they're a lot cheaper than hot tubs.

Pickleball courts

Super-hyped and popular, pickleball courts are being installed in homes across America. Zillow's team said listings mentioning a pickleball court lifted 64% last year. This “unofficial” sport has taken the country by storm, and many more owners will be thinking about an installation.

Glass chandeliers

Nothing says luxury quite like a glass chandelier handcrafted on the island of Muran in Italy. You'll find them in living areas and dining rooms and, in one Californian home that sold this year, in the wine cellar.


These hand painted features will certainly sass-up the style and character of your home. Mostly, murals will appear in entryways and staircases. If you like this idea but can't afford your own Picasso, try peel-and-stick wallpaper of an image of your choice. Mentions of murals in listings were up nearly 20% in 2023. Expect more of the same this year.

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