Selling to Gen Z buyers

If you intend to upgrade your entry-level home, or you're an investor seeking to divest a cheaper property, you'll likely have to deal with the Gen Z buyers as they start to filter into the real estate market.

The Gen Z cohort, which follows the much-discussed Millennials, were born between the years of about 1997 and 2012, although there are debates between researchers on what the precise dates should be.

However, their increasing emergence in the property market is not in doubt, and they do have a different take on who and what to believe.

If you intend to sell an entry-level home, then understanding this demographic will help you increase the number of potential buyers and accelerate the speed of your sale.

Gen Z has grown up in very different times. They have witnessed and participated in rapid technology progression, and rejected paid advertising for the spruiking of influencers.

Emphasis on digital brands, rather than the old-school approach of bricks and mortar businesses, is universal. So reaching them on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram is essential.

If you're selling a property that will appeal to this generation, then it's important you use an agent who understands their consumption habits.

This list of Gen Z traits will help you understand their points of view.

Trust factor

Gen Z has a problem with trusting corporations. They'll sooner take the word of friends and influencers on social media. So, engaging with them on their preferred platforms is essential if you want to appeal to this market.

Be Authentic

For precisely the reasons Gen Z scorns corporations, you need to be authentic in your marketing. Don't say the apartment is two minutes from the shops when a Google search will show it's not.

Be unique

This cohort welcomes properties that sell special features rather than stating an apartment has two bedrooms. Focus on what's actually cool about the property you're selling.

Be quick

Perhaps this is a bit patronizing of the older generations, but there's research to suggest Gen Z has shorter attention spans than the rest of us. So, ensure your marketing is concise.

Be Green

Social responsibility is a big thing in the lives of most Gen Z. If your home has energy-saving devices, even solar panels, then this will be a big plus.

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